2009-06-29: A very bad dream...

A very bad dream...

A guy is walking down the street, when a beautiful blonde chick in red catches his eye, and he's so busy admiring her that he trips over something lying in the street, falls over, and bangs his head on the pavement.

When he wakes up, he finds himself in a very strange room and he's dressed in skimpy women's clothing. He has a strange device connected to his cock that's gently sucking. There are lots of other guys in the room too, and they're all wearing women's clothes and getting their cocks sucked as well.

Suddenly a door bangs open, and everyone in the room recoils at the sight of a strange looking guy, that has a very hairy body, a ring through his nose, a huge erection and cloven feet.

The guy with the huge hard cock asks an evil looking femdom which guy he's going to have the pleasure of fucking today, and after a moment's thought, she points to the guy that fell in the street.

Later, after he's been screwed for the umpteenth time, he not only cums, but cums all over his own face.

When he does, the femdom screams for all the cum to be released from the sucking machines and our hero believes that he'll drown in cum.

But instead he wakes up in the street.

He's surrounded by people and his cock is hanging out, shooting cum everywhere.

The cute blonde chick in red asks him how he is, to which he replies, "Now, I'm OK, but I had a very bad dream!".

He watches her leave, and thinks how fucking her ass would be good!

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